Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So long California (I love you far too dearly for this to be goodbye)!

Hello there and welcome to my blog! Growing up I was that kid who would get really pumped about keeping a journal but each time I started one, I would only write a handful of we'll see how well this blog endeavor pans out (fingers crossed!).

I just landed in England (yay!) and am on the bus en route to Oxford. That's right, the buses have wifi. The UK already rocks! It's 9 am and I'm in the middle of a little contest with myself: how long can I stay awake and still be semi-functional?! I'm shooting for 32 hours of nonstop activities. The minute I get into Oxford, I'm tossing my bags in my room before running to the International Graduate Student Orientation. Then it's off to drinks with Kim (from Menlo HS) and Will (a classmate from Davis). It's fantastic to get to see familiar faces on my very first day!

And, in an effort to make sure you can all understand me when I'm back in California (because I fully intend to sound British), I'll be posting a word of the day or, more realistically, a word per post. I invite you to take on this foreign language with me. I'll start off easy...todays word: queue (a line).

Oh and the weather? As I was about to report that there was no rain, it just started to drizzle. Welcome to England! :)

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  1. When I was on my tour through scandinavia, I was with a ton of aussies and I gathered 4 pages of aussie slang! I look forward to hearing more strange brittish words. ;)
    miss you!